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Blades & Fades Barber Academy

Must have current and active Colorado Cosmetology or Hairstylist License 


(must have your transcripts form your previous school)

Your schedule for school is set around your current work/home schedule

Our Mission

Blades & Fades Barber Academy offers barbering made for you and your current lifestyle.

Our school’s offers the ability to continue to grow in your career without having to stop your current job or life to keep moving forward. We provide an educational opportunity with the guidance helping you with your professional and personal goals, while you develop the skills needed to become a successful barber. We provide flexible schedules to work around your current job. We are here for you and your future success in your new career.



Cost of Tuition and Supplies

Program/Course Costs:

Barbering                             $7470.00*

Application Fee (nonrefundable)      $50.00

Books & Supplies (see below)

(Non-Refundable & Subject to Cost Change):                                                                             $280.99

TOTAL COSTS                      $7800.99

Estimated Licensed Hairstylist Cost                                                     $1618.50

Estimated Licensed  Cosmo Cost                                                         $2012.75


State Board Ready Class         $450.00

This includes: 2 Kits for practice and test, 4 mannequin heads, practice run.  (If you don't need the kits and mannequin heads cost is $200.00)              

The school accepts credit card or cashier's check as payments.

Textbook-Milady's Standard Professional Barbering, 6th Edition

Enrollment Information

  1. Identification (provide only one): Copies of a passport, a government-issued identification, a driver’s license, or state ID

    Transcripts from any past schools for review of credits to be transferred in verses credits still needed. (transfer students ONLY)

  2. Complete an Application Form: Complete and submit the application form to the school prior to registration. All forms may be obtained by requesting them from Blades & Fades Barber Academy.  Application Fee: $50.00 is received with completed application. Must have your transcripts for any previous school.

  3. Holiday and School closures:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter.  These dates are determined according to the calendar each year.  The school is open for business unless there is declared State of Emergency.  Unexpected closures and Snow Days will be communicate with each student.
  4. Payment Schedule:  Blades & Fades Barber Academy offers a pay as you grow payment schedule.  This will be set up during the admission process based on each students' schedules and tuition cost.  First payment due one month after start date and paid monthly there after.

Barber Program (1500 Hours)


(Licensed Cosmetologist 485 Hours)


(Licensed Hairstylist 390 Hours)

Course Description: The course teaches barbering with special emphasis on practical training. Students blend theoretical training and practical training on a daily basis.  The theoretical training is conducted in a classroom setting consisting of lecture and demonstration.  Practical training takes place in our separate clinic which offers barber services to the public.

Course Goals:  Upon completion of the course, the graduate should possess the required knowledge and skills to pass the Colorado State Board of Barber Examiners examination and gain entry level employment in the barbering profession.  In addition to theoretical knowledge, the student shall be able to perform all barbering services including regular haircuts, style haircuts, shaves, facials and advanced design techniques with entry level professional barbering abilities.  

Heather M Linn

Founder/Educational Leader


Educational Leader 


Educational Leader

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